Appointments at the Sheffield Scientific School.

The following members of the senior class of the scientific department have been announced as being eligible for honor appointments. This year, for the first time, only those who are trying for appointments will be allowed to write a thesis. The list follows by courses:

Civil engineers-G. A. Berry, Norwalk, Conn.; C. B. Brown, New Haven, Conn.; J. M. Dickinson, Jr., Mansfield, O.; H. C. Hill, Mystic, Conn.; S. B. Patterson, Torrington, Conn.; G. W. Pike, Jr., Killingly, Conn.; S. M. Russell, Bedford, Pa.; C. R. Treat, Orange, Conn.; Elisha G. Trowbridge, New Haven, Conn.; James Walker, Jr., West Haven, Conn.

Mechanical engineers-C. W. Hoyt, New Haven, Conn.; H. S. Johnson, Brooklyn, N. Y.; W. W. Savage, Samuel P. Williams, Hartford, Conn.

Electrical engineers-G. B. Bradley, Jr., Saugatuck, Conn.; A. J. Josephs, Ansonia, Conn.; E. L. Uhl, New Haven, Conn.; Lynde P. Wheeler, Bridgeport, Conn.

Selects-William B. Allen, New Haven, Conn.; Archibald B. Gwathmey, Jr., New York; F. W. Kilbourne, Meriden, Conn.; J. W. Maples, Norwalk, Conn.; F. N. Sinks, Columbus, O.; Edward P. Smith, Chicago.

Biologists-C. B. Brainard, Bristol, Conn.; Isaac M. Heller, B. J. Lee and S. H. Wadhams, New Haven. Conn.; J. H. Pratt, Middleborough, Mass.; V. C. Thorne, New York.

Chemists-L. B. Burrell, Little Falls, N. Y.; J. C. Minor, Jr., New York; Everett B. Hurlburt, Roxbury, Conn.