'Varsity Baseball.

In response to Captain Whittemore's call for candidates about twenty men presented themselves yesterday. There was very little good material among the men, Hoyt and Burgess showing the best form. Both of these men have played before on their school teams, Hoyt at Roxbury Latin, Burgess at Andover. There will be light practice for the next few weeks, for the purpose of bringing out any new material which may be in college. Following is the list of candidates and their positions: Scannell '97, c.; Highlands '95, p.; Bacon '95, c.; Hamilton '96, c.; Flynn L. S., s.s.; Perry '97, p.; Griffin '96, 1b.; Clarke L. S.. c.f.; Rogers '98, s.s.; Fuller '96, 1b.; Gregory '97, p.; Chipman '98, s.s.; McVay '98, s.s.; Hoyt '98, 1b, McCarthy '98, outfield; Burgess '98, outfield; Winslow '96, s.s.; Kimball '98, outfield.