The Team.

Upon being questioned last night as to the condition of the members of the eleven, Dr. Conant said that the current reports of the injuries of the men were greatly exaggerated. While on account of the severity of the contest there was an unfortunate number of injuries, yet none of these injuries were more serious than those that happen occasionally in practice and are thought little of. Wrightington is the only man who will be disabled for any length of time and his injury is not so serious as was reported. His collar bone was not broken, but the internal end of it was dislocated. Charlie Brewer's ankle is inflamed, but will probably be well in time for him to play in the Pennsylvania game. Emmons also will probably be able to play on Thursday. Hallowell's nose is broken, but it is not impossible that he will be able to play by Thursday. With regard to the Yale team, Dr. Conant said that he thought that none were badly hurt. The main trouble with Murphy was that he was allowed to remain on the field when he was in no condition to play. The result was that before long he collapsed.

The team will not practice today but will go out to Auburndale. Tomorrow there will be light practice on Soldiers Field which will be open. The eleven will leave for Philadelphia Wednesday morning.