Football Notes.

Last 'Varsity Practice.

Nearly a thousand students gathered on Soldiers Field yesterday afternoon to watch the last 'varsity football practice of the season. Contrary to the expectations of all, the first and second elevens did not line up, but for half an hour simply rehearsed signals on different parts of the gridiron.

The smoothness with which the different intricate plays were gone through was remarkable. Every man knew the signals to perfection, and when one was given each man went straight to his position; there was no jostling nor confusion.

The coaches were out in full force. Dr. Brooks, Mr. Deland, Mr. Lathrop, Newell '94 and Lewis L. S., were all present, though Mr. Deland and Newell were the only ones to take any active part in infusing life into the work. The men appeared stiff at first but soon warmed to the work, so that one could never have judged that they had recently gone through so severe a strain. Hallowell was out in spite of his broken nose and went through the signals with the first eleven. Hayes has developed a bad ankle, and had little to do aside from punting. Neither Waters nor C. Brewer appeared during the afternoon.

The elevens were made up as follows:


A. Brewer, r.e. l.e., Cabot.

Gould, r.t. l.t., Wheeler.

J. N. Shaw, r.g. l.g., Manahan.

F. Shaw, c. c., Winslow.

Mackie, l.g. r.g., Doucette.

Hallowell, (Wheeler) l.t. r.t., Hartwell.

Emmons, l.e. r.e., Foster, (Newell '94).

Wrenn, q.b. q.b., Beale.

Hayes (Gonterman)h.b. h.b., Gonterman (Foster).

Whittemore, h.b. h.b., Hamlen.

Fairchild. f.b. f.b., Dunlop.

Send-off of the Team.The 'varsity eleven left from in front of Leavitt & Peirce's last evening at 6.30 o'clock for Auburndale. It was generally understood that the men would go directly from Soldiers Field to their quarters at Auburndale, so there was only a small crowd gathered to see them off.

The team goes directly from Auburndale to the Park Square depot, Boston, this morning, where they will take the 9 o'clock Colonial express for Philadelphia.

Freshman Eleven.The freshman squad was out for regular practice yesterday. After the two elevens had gone through their signals for fifteen minutes they lined up against each other. The play was sharp and aggressive. In order to give the first eleven better practice, Newell '94 and Captain Scott played on the second eleven.

The first eleven was made up: Bull, r.e.; Holmes, r.t.; Seaver, r.g.; Hoague, c.; Bouve, l.g.; Rice, l.t.; Woods, l.e.; Wadswoeth, q.b.; Redpath, r.h.b.; Manning, l.h.b.; Gierasch, f.b. With the exception of Wadsworth, and possibly Manning, the team to meet Yale '98 will be the same as it lined up yesterday afternoon. Scott will play quarterback, and Knox may take Manning's place. There was a large crowd on the field to see the practice.

In the evening the team went through practice on the signals in the Gymnasium.

Football at Yale.[N. E. Associated Press.]

NEW HAVEN, CONN., Nov. 27. - The Yale football eleven this afternoon lined up for practice on the 'varsity field, but did not oppose the scrub team as the coaches have changed their policy and will not work the candidates as rigorously as they declared after the Harvard game that they would. The team took about an hour's drill in going through the signals. The surprise of the day was that Butterworth was out and in uniform. He resumed his old position as fullback and showed that he was in as good form as ever. The injury to his eye has been taken care of and he will surely play in the game against Princeton next Saturday.

The managers of the eleven think that the same team will be put in the field against Princeton next Saturday that faced the Tigers last year, as Greenway is getting into condition and expects to be able to play. Armstrong has been filling Jerrems' place on the Yale team since Saturday last.

Dean Wright of the Yale faculty said tonight that the Yale-Princeton game would absolutely take place on Saturday, as far as faculty interference was concerned. The dean, however, admitted that the topic might furnish the subject of protracted deliberation for faculty meetings during the coming winter.

A prominent member of the faculty said tonight that the Yale faculty did not forbid the Yale-Harvard freshman game at Cambridge from taking place on Thanksgiving Day on account of any slugging, but because it had been the experience of the faculty that Holiday games are as a whole demoralizing to the teams, because of the rough element of the attendance.

Yale Consolidated Eleven.[N. E. Associated Press.]

NEW HAVEN, CONN., Nov. 27. - The Yale consolidated football eleven, including in its ranks nearly all the leading players of the Yale second eleven, has arranged for a grand Thanksgiving Day game in Syracuse, N. Y., with the athletic club team of that place. The consolidated team will leave here tomorrow for the contest. About fifteen players will be taken, including Sturgis, Whitcomb, Pond, Gillette, Judd, Dater, Squires, Pullman, Mandell, Hubbard, Inman and Patterson.

Pennsylvania Eleven.The U. of P. football team has left Philadelphia and retired to Delaware Water Gap for secret practice. The men will not return till Thanksgiving morning.