Dr. O. W. Holmes's Biographer.

Who will be the biographer of Dr. Holmes? This important question may already be answered. Judge Holmes and the publishers of his distinguished father's works have requested the accomplished biographer, Mr. John T. Morse, Jr., author of four volumes of the "American Statesman" series to prepare the memoir of Dr. Holmes, and Mr. Morse has consented to undertake this important literary task. The book will include a large number of Dr. Holmes's letters which have great interest and the rare personal charm which entered into his autobiographical work. The preparation of the book will in the nature of things take considerable time. But when it does appear, coming from Mr. Morse's pen, it cannot fail to be a literary event of the first importance, and an interesting contribution to our literature. The request of Judge Holmes that any persons having letters of Dr. Holmes will send them as loans to Houghton, Mifflin & Co., Boston, or to A. P. Watt, Esq., Hastings House, Norfolk street Strand, London, will undoubtedly bring out some delightful letters to American and English correspondents. - Boston Transcript.