Crew Notes.

'Varsity Crew.

The first 'varsity crew squad took its turn on the rowing machines in the Carey Building yesterday, while the second squad went for a long walk through North Cambridge.

Quite a number of the men were absent on the vacation, which necessitated a change in the make-up of the first crew. The order was: Stroke, Bullard; 7, Shephard; 6, R. H. Stevenson; 5, Forbes; 4, T. G. Stevenson; 3, Fennessy; 2, Webb; bow, Watson.

The crews were coached by Mr. Watson, assistant by Mr. Legate.

Ninety-Five Crew.The candidates for the senior crew have been divided into two crews and are going through the preliminary work on the chest weights and machines under the coaching of Captain Cameron and some of the members of last year's crew. They have been rowing in no fixed order as yet, but after the vacation active work will begin.