Athletic Meetings.

Harvard was represented at two athletic meetings on February 22. At the meeting of the Roxbury Latin School Athletic Association, the 20 yard dash, open race, was won by E. H. Clark '96; thime, 2 4-5 sec. W. F. Garcelon 2 L. S. was second. K. K. Kubli took second prize in putting the shot; distance 35 ft. 6 3-4 in. The potato race also was won by E. H. Clark '96, with F. Mason 3 L. S. second; time, 29 2-5 sec. W. E. Putnam '96 won the pole-vault, while H. M. Wheelwright took third place, actual height, 9 ft. 9 in. A. Stickney, Jr., '97, was second in the open running high jump; actual height, 6 ft. 3-8 in.

At the winter meeting of the Newton High School Athletic Association, Harvard was represented by a large number of men. The 30 yard dash, open event, was won by P. W. Whittemore '95, in 3 3-5 sec. E. H. Clark '96, was second. H. C. Lakin '94 finished first in the 600 yards race; time, 1 m. 27 4-5 sec. E. B. Hill '94 took the second prize.