To the Editors of the Crimson:

The directors of the Cooperative Society have under consideration a proposal to establish a new department in its business, by keeping in stock and selling certain kinds of cooked food. An opportunity exists for securing soups and other articles of food, thoroughly and neatly prepared, and of high nutritive quality, in a form which makes it feasible to carry them away and use them at clubs or rooms. Before taking any steps, the directors wish to get some indication as to the probable demand for such articles, and have appointed a committee, of which I am chairman, to make inquiries. I shall be glad to be put into communication with any students, or clubs of students, whether members of the Cooperative Society or not, who are likely to purchase food in this way. It is not proposed to keep a restaurant or lunch-stand, for food to be consumed on the spot, but only to supply wholesomed and nutritious food to such as wish to use it away from the premises. Any hints as to a probable demand in this direction will be very welcome to me.