'Varsity Baseball.

The candidates for the 'varsity nine have entered upon the regular preparatory training, but it is still too early to form a just estimate of the strength of the team. The work in the cage can not be taken as a criterion of a player's ability, since the candidates are compelled to contend with difficulties which will be removed in the out-door practice. At present the players are troubled by the light and by the wretched condition of the floor. The practice has failed to develop any players of especial ability among the new men, although many of the candidates who played on their class teams are showing marked improvement. The most important work is being done by candidates for battery positions. Several of the new candidates for pitcher show plenty of speed, but lack control.

Regular battery assignments have been made and, at present, the men are working together as follows: Bowser and Morton, Paine and Dunlop, Harris and Hickey, Perry and Scannell, Ames and Henry, Wiggin and Clarke, McCarthy and O'Malley, Highlands and Corbett.