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There is another abuse, though of quite a different character, about which we have been asked to speak. It is with reference to the crews running upon North avenue. There is a tendency for the men to be careless about ordinary pedestrians, and to come to feel that they themselves have the right of way. There is some reason for this; not a few Cambridge people are so lenient in their admiration for youthful strength and dash, that they do not mind scurrying to one side of the walk, and, in muddy weather, of being generally bespattered. But for every one who does not object to this sort of thing there are probably two who do object, and object strongly. Now the matter does not seem to us to be a very serious one, and it calls for only a very little thoughtfulness on the part of the crew men. It must simply be recognized that the sidewalk was made as a convenience for Cambridge people and not as a means for developing crews. Cambridge people have first right there, and the crews ought to avoid Cambridge people, rather than to expect that Cambridge people will avoid them. A little care is needed; some North avenue residents already look askance at the crew runs, and it would be unfortunate if they should be justified in calling them nuisances.