University of Chicago.

President Harper of the Chicago University has put into execution a new system with regard to the dormitories of the university. Seven of these have just been built, three of which are for women.

The charter members of a house are the occupants at the time of organization. It is the policy of the university to hand over to each house so far as possible the entire management of its dormitory. The head of the house is appointed by the president and is usually a fellow or instructor. Each house accepts its constitution from the trustees, but makes its own by-laws and appoints what committees it sees fit. New members are eligible only on election by the house-the university reserving the right to fill vacancies temporarily should they occur. The financial policy of the dormitory is largely under the control of the house. The trustees stand ready to make any reasonable expenditures for furniture and the like which the house is willing to pay interest on.

So far this system works admirably. It has increased the social life; each house has its own parlors, and each of the women's buildings has its own dining room.