Senior Crew.

The ninety-four crew has shown slight improvement over the work of the first of the rowing season. The time of the crew, as a whole, is fair, and it is hoped that this will improve still further under the coaching of Storrow, captain of the '89 crew.

The men are rowing in this order: Stroke, Smith; 7, Atwood; 6, Wilson; 5, Saltonstall; 4, Beals; 3, Weed; 2, Hoag; bow, Carter. Below is an individual criticism of the men:

Stroke is slow on the shoot, jerks at the finish, but rows long.

No. 7 does not draw in far enough and finishes too far from his body. Rows with his head but has a quick shoot.

No.6 kicks out his slide and is slow on the catch. Time is poor but is otherwise fair.

No. 5 has too much body reach, carries his feather to long but rows hard.

No. 4 is stiff and awkward and gets his oar caught at his body.

No. 3 goes back too far and does not swing far enough forward; is stiff and his time is poor.

No. 2 is inexperienced. He swings back too far and is late on the catch.

Bow is stiff in his body work, and his time is poor.