Competitive Debate.

A competitive debate was held last night in Sever 11 under the auspices of the Harvard Union and the Wendell Phillips Club, to choose Harvard's representatives in the coming Harvard-Yale debate. The judges of the debate were Professor L. B. R. Briggs, Mr. J. J. Hayes and Professor Edward Cummings. H. A. Cutler '94 presided. The question debated was: "Resolved, That the members of the cabinet should be given full membership in the House of Representatives."

The following men spoke, each being limited to five minutes: S. E. Johnson '95, S. H. Foster L. S., W. E. Hutton '95, W. H. Jones '96, R. C. Ringwalt '95, W. C. Douglas L. S., F. C. Chamberlin L: S., C. A. Duniway Gr., H. A. Bull '95, A. J. Peters '95, A. C. Comins Gr., N. P. Dodge Jr., '95, W. S. Hockley '94, D. J. Gallert '94, D. J. Coughlen L. S., H. E. Addison '96, J. T. Kilbreth '94, W. R. Buckminster '94, R. L. Gruwell L. S., W. H. Stafford '94, V. L. Johnson L. S., H. Whitmore '95, N. L. J. Gron Gr., C. Dickinson '96, S. K. Vatralsky '94.

The judges chose W. C. Douglas L. S., C. A. Duniway Gr., and W. E. Hutton '95 to represent Harvard.

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