New Athletic Field at U. of P.

The directors of the athletic Association of the University of Pennsylvania have been working for some time on the plans for the new athletic field. A general plan for plotting out the field has been practically determined and the details will probably be settled before long.

At one end of the grounds it is planned to have a quarter-mile running track within which will be sufficient room for a baseball or football field. By the side of the track will be a place for field events. There will also be tennis courts within the space enclosed by the running track. Running along the northern side of the grounds will be a straightaway track 220 yards long on which the dashes will be run. It will be so arranged that the finish will be in front of the grand stand, in the northeastern corner of the field. It is intended to place this stand so that it can be used for the baseball and football games as well as for the track athletics. West of this track another baseball field will be laid out and a cage will be erected in the extreme southwestern corner.

The entire cost of fitting up the grounds will be about $50,000. The buildings will be erected after a thorough inspection of those now in use at Yale, Harvard, Princeton and other colleges, and the attempt will be made to combine the best features of all these buildings.