Second Class Race.

The second one mile race will come off this afternoon at about 6. The course is the same, though the start will be from the Union boat house and the finish at the sluice-way above the Harvard Bridge.

Some change has been made in all the crews, since the one mile race Tuesday, except the junior crew. Their order for this afternoon is: Bow, MacGuffey; 2, Lambert; 3, Briggs (capt.); 4, Peabody; 5, Poole; 6, Potter; 7, Cameron; stroke, Richardson.

The seniors have a new man in Heckscher. Carter, who rowed bow in the last race, has taken Beals's place at No. 3, and Heckscher is rowing bow. The following will be the order: Bow, Heckscher; 2 Smith; 3, Carter; 4, Williams; 5, Saltonstall (capt.); 6, Wilson; 7, Atwood; stroke, Hoag.

In the sophomore boat Lewis has been moved from two to three, and C. Brewer put in at two. The order is: Bow, Fairchild; 2, C. Brewer; 3, Lewis; 4, A. Brewer; 5, Stevenson; 6, Shepard; 7, Forbes (capt.); stroke, Kales.

The freshman crew has received the severest shaking up of all, only three men retaining the same seats that they held on last Tuesday. These are Sleeper at four, Sprague at six, and Irving at stroke. Duffield is laid off on account of illness and the chances are that Hollister will not row, as he has an injured arm. If he does not row his place will be filled by M. Newell '94. Kernan has been moved from bow to No. 3. Lee, substitute, has been put in at two and Cornwall moved back to bow. The order will be: Bow, Cornwall; 2, Lee; 3, Kernan; 4, Sleeper; 5, Phelps; 6, Sprague; 7, Hollister (Newell '94); stroke, Irving.