Yale Junior Society Play.

The second annual public play of Psi Upsilon and Delta Kappa Epsilon, the junior year fraternities of the academic department of Yale University, will be given next week. The play has been written and about seventy undergraduates are now at work getting ready for the performance which will be given but once.

The play is to be a burlesque of Shakespeare's Henry VIII, written by the same committee that wrote "Robinhood, Jr.," last year. It consists of Edward Boltwood '92, now of the Law School, Ralph D. Paine '94 and Frederick C. Perkins '94. The burlesque has two acts and four scenes. Reginald De Koven, the composer of the opera "Robin Hood," has written a serenade song and presented it to the play committee. Napier Lothian Jr., who coached "Robinhood, Jr.," has been in New Haven for the past two weeks superintending the rehearsals, and will remain witht the cast up to the time of the production. Harry Braham of the Star Theatre of New York has charge of the orchestration and will conduct the music for the performance. The make-up of the cast has not yet been decided upon, but the principal characters will be as follows: Frederick C. Perkins, who filled the role of "Friar Tuck" acceptably last year, will take the part of the "King;" "Nat" Wilson of the senior class, who has made a reputation by his work in the junior society plays, will be "Queen Katharine of Russia." Thomas S. Arbuthnot will be Kyrle Bolyn, the leader of a wandering players' troupe; Frank S. Butterworth, of football fame, is to be the High Adjutant General of the English Navy, and Richard Worthington, another senior who made a hit in last year's play, is to fill the part of Cardinal Wolsey. Thomas Dyer of the junior class is to be the Duke of Buckingham. There will be fifty-six undergraduates in the play. There will be twelve chorus girls and a host of shepherds and court ladies. The faculty has prohibited dancing, but there will be a number of beautiful choral movements in place of the terpsichorean. Eaves of New York has charge of the costuming, which is to be very elaborate. Mr. Shepherd of New Haven, who has long had charge of the training of the Yale glee clubs, is training the chorus.