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The letter which Major Higginson has written to Captian Wiggin will do great good. We feel, however, that it may possibly cause a misunderstanding. Major Higginson would not wish it to be inferred that there has been any great or settled change in the attitude of Harvard students towards visiting athletic teams. We are sure that there is today no university or college where visiting teams are treated with more gentlemanliness than at Harvard; to think otherwise would be to judge Harvard harshly without justice.

The distribution of applause is, nevertheless, a very delicate matter about which it is easy to become confused and the words of Major Higginson will bring it home to all that there have lately been evidences of carelessness in this respect. Enthusiatic loyalty must be had in all contests; the question is whether Harvard is not able to solve the problem of being enthusiastic for her own team without giving any suspicion of being discourteous to opposing teams.

No one could speak with greater propriety on the matter than Major Higginson; his whole-hearted devotion to the interests of Harvard will make his words have great weight.