Dean of Radcliffe.

It is officially announced that Miss Anges Irwin of Philadelphia has accepted the position of Dean of Radcliffe College.

Miss Irwin is in many respects exceptionally well qualified to fill this new office. She is a woman in the prime of life, and is the founder of The Young Ladies' School in Philadelphia, which she has conducted for years with unqualified success. She is not a college graduate, and this is one of the reasons for her being selected. It was felt that a woman of more mature age was needed than could be found among the graduates of college. Then, too, it was thought that her being freed from college traditions would be of great advantage.

Miss Irwin is the great-grand-daughter of Benjamin Franklin, and her father was at one time the United States Minister to Denmark. Her early life was spent in Washington. She will enter upon her duties at Radcliffe with the opening of the college year in the fall, and is to have, under the direction of the President of Radcliffe, a general superintendence of the students, and is to be readily accessible for consultation by them, their parents, and their friends.