The Weld Boat Club Races.

The spring races of the Weld Boat Club will be held this afternoon at 2.30 from the Union Boat House. There are to be four events, the double-scull race being postponed until Thursday.

The single-scull race will be three-quarters of a mile up the river, starting from the boat house, and return. The other races start from the Harvard bridge and end at the boat house. The entries and the order of races is as follows:

Single-sculls-R. W. Dundas L. S., W. H. Cameron '95, W. S. Youngman '95, B. W. S. Thompson L. S.

Wherries (first heat)-E. W. Smith '97, H. A. Bull '95, H. D. Buell '97 W. W. McKibben '96. (Second heat)-R. W. Dundas L. S., A. A. Stevens '97, F. Dobyns Sp.

Canoes-C. R. Stetson '94 and E. A. Knudsen '94; W. H. Schweppe '97 and A. M. Eaton '97, B. W. S. Thompson L.S. and E. Hutchinson L. S.

Four-oared shells-Crew No. 1: Thompson L. S., stroke; Youngman '95, McKelleget L. S., Hutchinson L. S., Bow. Crew No. 2: Brown '95. stroke; Stevenson '95, Ryerson '95, Earle '94, bow. Crew No. 3: Magrath '94, stroke; Damon '94, Hawes Div., Olmstead '94, bow. Crew No. 4: Addison '96, stroke; Elder '97, Dyrenforth '96, Delaney '96, bow.

Mr. Donovan, the trainer, will act as referee, and H. J. Hughes '94, judge.