CRIMSON photographs are in the smaller office. Ninety-four editors please make their selections.

E. H. S. Association of Harvard. All members of the Association who are going on the excursion must be at the Boston Yacht Club in South Boston at 2.30 p. m. today sharp.

E. F. DAMON, Sec.WENDELL PHILLIPS CLUB.- Meeting of Executive Committee tonight in 48 Thayer at 6.30.

E. S. PAGE, Pres.ANNUAL WORCESTER DINNER.- The dinner will be postponed till next year.

FRESHMAN BASEBALL.- The following men be at Leavitt and Peirce's at 3 o'clock sharp, ready to go to New Haven: Dean, Paine, Scott, Gregory, Lord, Warren, Stevens, Martin, Stevenson, Beale, Garrison, Fox, Harris and Anderson.

N. P. HALLOWELL, M'g'r.AT the Princeton game tomorrow every person not directly connected with the Baseball Asso ciation must keep away from the players' and reporters' benches. This order will be strictly enforced by the police.

J. H. WILLIAMS, Mgr. H. U. B. B. C.THERE will be a very important meeting of the executive committee of the Republican Club this evening at 6.30 in 45 Thayer.

THORNDIKE SPALDING, Sec.FOUND.- A sum of money which the owner can have by calling at the College Office.

PHOTOGRAPH OF SENIOR CLASS.- The picture of the senior class will be taken Tuesday, May 29, at 1.30 p. m., on the north side of Memorial Hall.

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMITTEE.PHOTOGRAPH OF FRESHMAN CLASS.- The freshman class picture will be taken immediately after that of the senior class at the same place.

PHOTOGRAPHIC COMMITTEE.SENIOR PHOTOGRAPHS.- All seniors who have not chosen proofs for their class pictures should do so at once at Pach Bros. 's.