St. Paul's Society.

Rev. William B. King addressed the St. Paul's Society last night on the subject of the Confession.

The morning and evening prayer, he said, are essentially services of praise, but it is striking that at the very beginning of each service comes this penitent confession of our own unworthiness. This is characteristic of the Episcopal Service. The confession is very old and was undoubtedly in use before the Reformation. Mr. King then took up the Confession, a sentence at a time, pointing out its application and exact meaning. All language to be found in the Prayer Book, he said, while dignified and pure, is noticeable in that it is not such that the ordinary man should hesitate to take it into his mouth. In this it differs strikingly from some of our hymns which no one but a hypocrite or at least a very unhappy and discontented man can honestly repeat.