The Handicap Meeting.

In the handicap meeting Saturday afternoon, S. Chase of Dartmouth in the high hurdles, and W. F. Garcelon in the low hurdles, were the only scratch men who won in their events. Four took thirds: E. Hollister in the half mile, H. M. Wheelwright in the pole vault, E. B. Bloss in the broad jump, and W. F. Garcelon in the high hurdles.

Of fifteen events Harvard won points in eleven. Harvard was first with 35 points; M. I. T. was second with 19; Yale was third with 18; Dartmouth was fourth with 10 1-2; B. A. A. was fifth with 10. Below is a summary of the events. The figures in the 120 yards hurdles are penalties.

120 yds. hurdles won by S. Chase, Dartmouth, 8 yds.; second, B. Hurd, Jr., B. A. A., 7 yds.; third, W. F. Garcelon, 8 yds. Time, 17 2-5 sec.

220 yds. hurdles won by W. F. Garcelon, scratch; second, A. M. Lyon, Dartmouth A. C., 4 yds.; third, B. Hurd, Jr., B. A. A., 3 yds. Time, 25 1-5 sec.

100 yds.; second, F. C. Hersey, N. A. A., 4 yds.; third, A. M. Eaton, 7 yds. Time, 10 2-5 sec.

220 yds. dash won by A. M. Eaton, 15 yds.; second, C. E. Smith, 8 yds.; third, T. Abbe, 12 yds. Time, 22 2-5 sec.

440 yds. run won by I. M. Jordan, Yale, 18 yds.; second, J. A. Rockwell, Jr., M. I. T., 20 yds.; third, A. Chubb, Yale, 15 yds. Time, 49 1-5 sec.

880 yds. run won by J. A. Rockwell, M. I. T., 35 yds.; second, H. C. Lakin, 18 yds.; third, E. Hollister, scratch. Time, 1 min. 58 sec.

1 mile run won by G. Clapp, M. I. T., 55 yds.; second. W. H. Carson, 65 yds.; third, J. F. O'Connell, 100 yds. Time, 4 min. 28 3-5 sec.

1 mile walk won by E. L. Nye, Dartmouth, 10 sec.; second, F. C. Thrall, Yale, 15 sec.; third, J. Staab, 30 sec. Time, 7 min. 33 1-5 sec.

1 mile bicycle race won by J. A. Farrell, U. B. C., 15 yds.; second, W. C. Marmon, B. A. A., 80 yds.; third, H. S. Glenney, Yale, 25 yds. Time, 2 min. 29 3-5 sec.

2 mile bicycle race won by W. C. Marmon, B. A. A., 175 yds.; second, H. S. Glenney, Yale, 100 yds.; third, J. A. Farrell, U. B. C., 30 yds. Time, 4 min. 22 3-5 sec.

Pole vault won by C. B. Rice, Yale, 1 in., height 10 ft. 7 1-4 in.; second, M. F. Guilfoyle, St. Mary's A. C., 18 in., height 10 ft. 6 in.; third, H. M. Wheelwright, scratch, height 10 ft.

Putting the shot won by M. C. O'Brien, S. B. A. A., 5 ft., distance 41 ft. 1 in.; second, F. W. Eddy, N. A. A., 4 ft. 6 in.; distance 41 ft.; third, J. F. Driscoll, L. A. C., 3 ft., distance 40 ft. 5 in.

Throwing the hammer won by R. F. Johnson, B. H. S. A. A., 50 ft., distance, 140 ft.; second, R. Acton, 30 ft., distance 138 ft. 5 in.; third, J. P. Coombs, B. U. A. A., 40 ft., distance 137 ft. 10 in.

High jump won by A. C. Lewis, D. A., C., 5 in., height 6 ft. 3-4 in.; second, G. C. Chaney, 3 1-2 in., height 6 ft. 1-2 in.; third, F. Blake, B. A. A., 8 in., height 5 ft. 11 in.

Broad jump won by R. F. Johnson, B. H. S. A. A., 2 ft. 3 in., distance, 22 ft. 2 1-2 in.; second, B. Doherty, Boston, 1 ft. 9 in., distance 21 ft. 10 in.; third, E. B. Bloss, scratch, distance 21 ft., 7 1-2 in.