High Priced Dormitories at Yale.

News comes from New Haven that the finishing touches are now being put on Vanderbilt, White and Berkeley Halls at Yale. The list of prices for the new rooms has not yet appeared but it will be out within the next month. It is stated by one who is in a position to know that the prices of the Vanderbilt rooms are to be the highest on record at Yale. The average price of the rooms in this new hall will be $10 per week. There are sixty-nine rooms in Vanderbilt and there are thirty-six weeks in the three terms of the college year. That will make the average yearly rent of a room in Vanderbilt $360. The university will consequently, according to these figures, realize $24,840 a year from Vanderbilt Hall. To heat, light and care for this building will cost the university considerably less than $3000 a year. It would be safe to say that the net profit from the dormitory will be $22,000 a year. It is understood that Vanderbilt Hall in its present unfinished condition has cost over $800,000.

It is not yet possible to form an estimate of the income of the university from White and Berkeley Halls, but neither of these buildings is to be a cheap dormitory. Dr. White gave $150,000 for the erection of White. The corporation expended much less than this on Berkeley. Judging from the prices of rooms in Welch and the other dormitories, the rooms in White and Berkeley will average about $8 per week and this will make a return to the University of about $20,000.

There is a strong feeling among Yale men against the present system of running the dormitories as sources of revenue. The high prices will soon entirely exclude the poor students from the campus. South Middle College will probably be torn down this summer, and when this old dormitory is gone there will be only about fifty rooms on the campus that will be within the reach of the man of ordinary means. It is even held by many prominent Yale men that the university had better refuse such a gift as Vanderbilt's if the acceptance is to result in this way.