Class Day Notice.

All package sales are over and Friday will be the last day on which seniors can purchase tickets except at general rates.

The committee is glad to announce that there are some Sanders Theatre tickets that were made up into packages but not sold. There are also 300 admission tickets which seniors can purchase for 75 cents each. These admit at 10.50 and are designed for seniors who may wish to secure more than two tickets.

There are also a few Tree tickets in almost every section. The limit to each purchaser will not be fixed until the committee ascertains from the men in line on Friday at 1.30 how large the demand is.

Seniors are reminded that no Memorial or Yard tickets will be accepted at the entrances unless signed by the senior to whom they were sold or by the chairman.

General sales next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 2 p. m. Graduate sales at Parker House, June 19 and 20, from 11 to 12 a. m.

Programmes for Class Day with plan of the Yard exits and entrances can be procured at Gray's 17.

Seniors are reminded to obtain their gowns and mortar-boards at the Cooperative before Sunday.

RUSSELL B. BEALS, Chairman Class Day Committee.