Yale's European Team.

The Yale Financial Union has authorized its treasurer to expend, for the purpose of sending an athletic team to Oxford, twelve hundred dollars in case six men go or fifteen hundred dollars in case seven men go. The Union will in return receive one third of the net receipts of the games, the remainder to be divided equally between Oxford and the Queen's Club, on whose grounds the meeting will take place.

The following men who will compose the team have been measurd for suits: W. O. Hickok '95 S., and A. Brown '96, for the weights; E. H. Cady '94 S., for the hurdles; L. Sheldon '96, for the jumps; J. Morgan '94, for the mile run; A. Pond '96 S., for the sprints and quarter; H. S. Woodhull '96 for the half mile. The new suits will be the finest ever made for any college team in the country, and will consist of blue serge coats with a white monogram on the pocket, A. Y. A.; English cashmere pants with blue stripe on side and waistband; and white sleeveless jerseys with the same monogram, blue flannel knit sweaters with the white monogram, and a new English style of cap with college seal and cording on the front.