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The members of the senior class will notice that every one who attends the dinner of the class must sign before nine o'clock this morning. The dinner is one of those rare occasions on which men of widely different interests come to recognize, in part, what is common to all as fellow members of a class. Fortunately, the matter of experience can debar no one from attending.

There are many students who have expressed their wish to have a part in making the memorial to the late Frank Bolles, and to those who have so far postponed action the notice of the treasurer of the fund is important. It is a satisfaction to see how large the fund has grown in a time when heavy financial depression has stopped increase in nearly all similar funds. It testifies to the high regard that Secretary Bolles won in his life time. As Bishop Lawrence said, he raised an office that had been nothing more than a clerkship to be a centre of counsel and of hope.