Yale Track Athletic Team.

A review of the material that Yale has to draw upon this spring for field and track athletics shows the following old men to be in college: 100 and 220 yards dashes - Richards, Pond, Gillette, Burnet and Wade; 440 yards dash - Pond, Chubb, Jordan and Gerard; half-mile run - Woodhull and Lapham; mile run - Morgan, Wadhams, Brainard and Scoville; two mile bicycle race - Alling, Hill, Peck, Heidrick and Parmelee; high jump - Sheldon, Cady, Thompson and Rowe; broad jump - Sheldon and Mitchell; pole vault - Kershow, Alling and Brett; 16 pound shot - Captain Hickok, Brown, Lyman and Coit; 16 pound hammer - Captain Hickok, Chadwick and Cross; mile walk - Thrall. Richards kept out of football last fall and has been resting all winter; it is hoped that he can get back his old-time speed of 1893. Certain it is that Yale has been in sad want of a winning sprinter during the past year. Besides the dashes, Captain Hickok is the most in need of men in the half-mile run and mile walk. Woodhull, the half-mile man, is in college, but it is said his father will not allow him to train. Thrall is expected to do well in the walk, but he is the only man in sight just at present for this event, both Bunnell and Allison having graduated. Morgan is in the Law School and will run again this year in the mile.