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Some time ago in commenting upon the fact that so large a propostion of athletes from the preparatory schools go to Yale rather than to Harvard, we suggested that this was due to the fact that Yale, so far as her athletic interests were concerned, kept in closer touch with the preparatory schools. We might have enforced this suggestion by showing how, outside of the field of athletics, Harvard had strengthened her influence on the schools.

We have in mind the Harvard English Prize which is offered at Phillips Andover Academy each year by the Andover Club of Harvard. We have been told that this prize had not a little to do with the increase in the number of men who have come here from Andover within the last few years. Now there are at present in the University seven school clubs and each one has a membership sufficiently large to enable it to offer a substantial prize corresponding to that given by the Andover Club without making an appreciable tax upon the individual members. We earnestly recommend this plan to the members of the school clubs and trust that they will at least take it under consideration.