Pennsylvania and Princeton.

Pennsylvania has recently challenged Princeton to a dual track and field meeting this year, but apparently without expecting that the challenge will be accepted. It is thought that Princeton will object to university representation, and the prospect has called forth the following editorial in the Pennsylvanian:

"Princeton's attitude in regard to the track games, and in fact to any branch of athletics in which she claims that men in the college department alone are eligible, may aptly be compared to the position of a dwarf who considers that he is doing a favor to a giant by entering into a contest with him, with the big man's hands tied behind his back.

"It is very creditable to a college with such a comparatively small number of students on her rolls as Princeton has, to have enjoyed for so long such prestige in athletic affairs, and we congratulate them heartily on the very able way their athletic affairs have been managed. But when an equally good system of management and coaching is introduced at a larger institution, it is only fair to expect that better teams in all branches of athletics should be brought forth. That the leaders in Princeton's athletic councils acknowledge that this is true, is plainly shown by their claim that a large number of the men of the larger institutions should be debarred from athletics, but it would be the height of folly for our Athletic Association to yield to their absurd and preposterous demand."