The Frank Bolles Memorial Fund.

Since last summer practically nothing has been done to enlarge the Frank Bolles Memorial Fund. Mr. Bolles himself would have been the last man to have wished any systematic canvassing to be done and for that reason the committee appointed to collect the fund have done nothing to push the matter.

When the fund was started it was thought that many of the students would wish to make a slight return for all that Mr. Bolles had done for them during his life time. In this, however, the committee was mistaken, for all the subscriptions which have been received have come from Mr. Bolles's friends and practically nothing has come from the students.

The committee wish to raise five thousand dollars, with which to found a scholarship for poor students. Of this sum, only fourteen hundred dollars have as yet been received. Subscriptions may be sent to the treasurer of the fund, Mr. Thayer, 8 Berkeley street, Cambridge.