Vesper Service.

Rev. F. G. Peabody preached at Vespers at Appleton Chapel yesterday from the text, "Be not overcome of evil but overcome evil with good," from Paul's Epistle to the Romans. He said there has lately been much talk about a possible revolution in the field of medicine. Just as now surgeons accomplish what was unheard of a few years ago, so it is possible that within a few years medicine may be able to stop the ravages of contagious diseases. The principle is not that of fighting the effects of disease, but rather that of making people strong and able to stand against it. This is done by a sort of contagion from people who are able to withstand all attacks of disease.

Whether or not there is a revolution in medicine, it is interesting to see the same principle brought here into play that has always been the principle of healing or strengthening the soul. There is no prospect of getting rid of evil in the world: we must overcome the evil with good, that is to say, by the influence of strong men who are not afraid of being tempted because they can resist temptation. Pure, strong men then may have a great influence. They may really cure sick or feeble souls. The moral strength of the college does not depend on the extermination of evil here. That is not to be hoped for. It depends rather on the number of strong men who can face tempation and resist it.