Statistics from the University Catalogue. The Yale Union.

At last the preliminary catalogue of the academic and scientific departments has appeared and rumors of decrease or increase are reduced to figures. The faculty of the university numbers 225, showing an increase of 19 over last year, and the total attendance in the graduate departments though not included in the list is known to be larger than before. Additional requirements in the entrance examinations cut down the incoming scientific class by 72, but the academic department was not affected.

The annual election of the Junior Promenade and sophomore german committees has attracted the particular attention of those classes during the week, and the undergraduates at large have watched the ontcome with interest. But the one meeting which will prove all important to the future stand of the university in the public eye was that of the Yale Union on Friday evening. In opening the work of the year in the new quarters, President W. H. Clark reported the remarkable support the efforts to raise funds had met with, and the zeal the graduates as well as active members had shown in the endeavor to put Yale's debating interests upon a basis where she can hope to meet with success the other universities. President Dwight also spoke congratulating the union upon the prosperous condition of its affairs.

Two most popular decisions of the Faculty were made public within the last few days, namely, the opening of the reference library in the evening and the permission to allow an advisory committee of seven undergraduates to have a voice in the management of the Commons Dining Hall. This last concession will have much weight in regaining for the Commons their early popularity.

The outcome of the tennis was of course most satisfactory to all. Yale's position in that branch of sport has not been especially strong, and to win both singles and doubles is looked upon as significant.

The announcement that the Princeton game will again be played on Manhattan Field instead of Columbia Oval is a general disappointment.

The junior appointments were made public on Saturday, but the changes in the membership rules of Phi Beta Kappa have robbed them of the greatest interest. That society will no longer accept two years work, and not until the winter vacation will the final standing be announced.