Harvard Forum.

About twenty men spoke at the meeting of the Harvard Forum last night on the subject: "Resolved, That the story victory at the last general election was for the best interests of Great Britain." The principal disputants were H. G. Gray '97, and F. R. Steward '96, on the affirmative; N. J. Breembaugh '96, and G. Thomas '96, on the negative. The affirmative based their arguments principally on the lack of harmony in the Liberal party and the consequent inability to transact any business. They were a party without any central issue or any recognised leader. The Home Rule Bill, too, the affirmative tried to show was unpopular and undesirable. The negative rested their claims on the principles of the Liberal party. They maintained that it was the party of social reform. They also supported Home Rule, Welsh Disestablishment, Reform of the House of Lords and the other principles of the Newcastle Programs.

At the business meeting the resignation of F. D. Pollak '96, as vice-president was accepted. The appointment by the executive committee of a committee to confer with the Harvard Union in regard to the Harvard-Yale debate was indorsed.