Petition to the Postmaster General.

"To the Honorable William L. Wilson, Postmaster General, Washington, D. C.

"We the undersigned officers and students of Harvard University, resident in Cambridge beg leave to call your attention to the condition of affairs in the office of the Old Cambridge branch of the Boston Post Office. As the University includes so large a proportion of the patrons of this office, we trust that this petition will receive your favorable consideration.

"Not only does the convenience of the patrons of this office at present suffer directly by the lack of space for the delivery of letters and sale of stamps, but indirectly, through the insufficient accommodations, as regards both space and clerical force, for the handling of mail matter within the office.

"We are convinced, furthermore, that the sanitary condition of the office is at present dangerous to the health of the Government's employes, and that due accommodations are not made for their comfort.

"Such a state of affairs, we submit, is a disgrace to the Government and to this community, and we therefore respect fully petition that an investigation be made at the earliest possible date, in order that the convenience of the public may not be allowed to suffer, nor the health of the Government's employes be endangered."