Shooting Club.

The scores of those who began the fall handicap match yesterday afternoon were as follows (the letters after the names indicate the classes of the men): Donaldson, C. 15; Knoblauch, D, 15; Hardy, B, 14: H. Kinnicutt, B, 13; Harris, C, 13; L. T. Baker, C, 13; Byrd, C, 12: Bancroft, B, 12; Lunt, D, 8; Du Pont, A, 8. The scores of those who shot Thursday were Litchfield, D, 15; R. D. Sterling, A, 12; Cutting, B, 10: Childs, C. 9;

At a meeting of the directors the handicaps of the following men were changed, according to the rules of the club governing handicap matches; Litchfield, B; Donaldson, B; Hardy, A; Knoblauch, C.

The next shoot will be held Monday. Match B. will be finished and the handicap match continued.