Freshman Practice.

Although the men leave today for Philadelphia, they lined up yesterday afternoon for forty-five minutes hard work. At first they went through a few signals, then practiced the kick-off, after which they played steadily for half an hour against the second.

The first eleven was given the ball most of the time and gained almost at will, the runner being often called back after he had a clear field. They were strong on the offensive. Their interference was at first very ragged; this, however, improved under the coaching of Scott and Forbes. The fumbling on both sides was inexcusable, and this seemed to be their greatest fault. It was impossible to judge concerning the defensive work of the first as, whenever the second got the ball, they kicked immediately, thus not giving the first much chance for tackling. They, however, broke through well and blocked several of the kicks.

The line-up:


Johnson, r.e. l.e., Sherwin

Sargent, r.t. l.t., Whitbidk.

White, r.g. l.g., Brown.

Homans, c., c., Eyre.

Lloyd, l.g. r.g., Catlin.

Holden, l.t. r.t., A. Adams.

Richardson, l.e., r.e., Nourse.

Farley, q.b. q.b., Thompson.

Adams, r.h.b. r.h.b., Simpson.

Dayton, l.h.b. l.h.b., Raymond.

Dibblee, f.b. f.b., Macomber.