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the cause of the forming of the Harvard Alumni Association of Indiana but of the reorganization (annual it may be) of that club, which had lapsed for a time through lack of any connection with the University.

I might add, however, if space can be allowed me, that it is difficult for Western Harvard Alumni Associations to become strong so far from the inspiring influence of the University. The graduates are not so thick as about Boston and they find it hard to keep in touch with the spirit of their Alma Mater unless they have some direct message from Cambridge itself. The uniform effect of the coming of the musical clubs or of President Eliot to a western city is to gather together the Harvard alumni and to revivify the Harvard Club of that part of the country. Now that the Faculty have taken away one of the means whereby the western graduates can keep in touch with Harvard, they should, I think, take particular pains that the other does not fail.