Literary Notices.

Henry T. Coates and Co. of Philadelphia have just brought out a new translation of Edmondo de Amicis's "Spain and the Spaniards." The translation is done from the tenth edition of the Italian by Stanley R. Yarnall. De Amicis is one of the foremost Italian writers of books of travel and is already well known in this country through his works on Holland and Constantinople.

In the present work he seems perfectly at home. He describes Spain and the political and social life of its people admirably. The work consists of two beautifully made volumes, illustrated with photogravure plates. The press work and paper are all that could be desired.

Messrs. Stone and Kimball are about to publish a collection of short stories by H. B. Marriot Watson, under the title of "Galloping Dick, the Adventures of Richard Ryder, sometimes Gentleman of the Road." Several of the stories have already appeared in the Chap Book. As vivid pictures from the career of a highwayman of the last century, and as stories, they are excellent.