No Headline

A short time ago we alluded to a letter in a recent number of London Field making sweeping and absurd charges against the amateur standing of American university athletes. We did not attempt any refutation of the charges because no intelligent American reader would have needed it to convince him of the utter ignorance of the Field's correspondent as to the way athletics are regulated in American Universities. We are very glad to find, however, that Mr. J. L. Coolidge '95 of the Mott Haven Team has written a letter to the Field, in reply to the member of the London Athletic Club. He gives the rules regarding amateurs in force at Harvard and that limiting the eligibility of special students; he mentions the four-year limit and explains the method of conducting training tables,- in short shows the utter groundlessness of the charges, at least so far as Harvard is concerned.

It is very much to be regretted that any statements so injurious to university sport should have appeared at all, but as they did appear and were widely circulated it is fortunate that they have been at once so well refuted. It is but justice to Field to add that the editor frankly accepts Mr. Coolidge's answer as putting our athletics in the right light before the English universities.