Entertaining Programme Offered.- A Dance to Follow the Concert.

Tonight the musical clubs will give their annual fall concert in Sanders Theatre. Inasmuch as there will be no Christmas trip this year, the clubs have decided to make the fall concert, in a way, a more memorable occasion than usual, by reviving the custom of having a dance in Memorial Hall after the concert. For this reason the musical programme will be somewhat shorter than usual. It is as follows:


1. Pierian Sodality.

(a) Spanish Dance, Moskowski.

(b) Overture, William Tell, Rossini.

2. Glee Club.

(a) Johnny Harvard.

(b) To My Turtle Dove, Henschel.

(c) Solo by E. M. Waterhouse '97.

3. Banjo Club.

(a) Darkeis'Delight.

(b) Essence of Tennessee.


4. Pierian Sodality.

(a) Varen, Grieg.

(b) Tannhauser March, Wagner.

5. Mandolin Club.

(a) Love's Dream After the Ball. Czibulka.

(b) Mousone, Louis Ganne.

6. Glee Club.

(a) Is Love a Dream, J. A. Carpenter '97.

(b) Arion Waltz, Vogel.

(c) Fair Harvard.

It is earnestly hoped that every member of the University who can will come to the concert tonight and show that the efforts of the musical clubs to give a creditable concert, with no inducement before them such as the Christmas trip would furnish, are thoroughly appreciated. Tickets may be had from any member of the musical clubs.