Newton High School Games.

The Newton High School Athletic Association holds its winter meeting next week Friday at 7.30 p.m. in the Drill Hall at Newtonville. There will be four open events, the 30 yds. dash, half mile walk, potato race, 600 yds. run. The Harvard entries in the various events are: 30 yds. dash, M. G. Gonterman '96, B. C. Jutten, Gr., C. L. Smith, Jr., '97, W. R. Mansfield '97, W. A. Holt Sp., C. H. Warren '97, E. H. Clark '96; 600 yds. run, G. L. Sawyer L. S. S., J. E. Bunting L. S. S., W. H. Vincent '97; half mile walk, J. D. Phillips '97; potato race, E. H. Clark.