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Interest at Harvard in gymnastic exhibitions has never reached a very high pitch, for there has been much to distract it. In former years, when three winter meetings were held, at least two of them generally lost all claim to the name by coming in the early spring rather than in the winter. At that time the many forms of outdoor athletics received all the attention of the students, and the natural result was neglect of the winter meeting. The Athletic Association not long ago found itself obliged to give up the third of the indoor meetings. Last year the attempt was made to rouse enough interest to carry through two meetings successfully, but the Association has at last wisely abandoned all but one.

The plan of a single meeting is to be tested this year for the first time, and there seems no reason why it should not meet with entire success. There is ample material in the college to give one very good gymnastic exhibition, and that one is promised for the coming Saturday. Students will not now have the excuse of outdoor attractions which keep them away. They should give the association generous support in its effort to preserve the winter meeting.