The Library Fine System.

The present system of imposing a fine for the over-detention of books, which was adopted by the library authorities about a year ago and which, at that time, was considered by many of the students as too severe, has proved to be beneficial in securing a more prompt return of books and, in addition, has been approved by the students in general. The money realized from penalties which, by the way, amounts to very little, has been used to purchase new books.

The fine system was originally used, but, inasmuch as the fine was ten cents a day, it was deemed too severe a penalty, especially for poorer students, and a system of loss of privilege was substituted. This continued in use for some years, although it was opposed by certain officers connected with the Library. This opposition finally resulted in the present system, which has proved most satisfactory both to the students and for the purposes of the Library. The loss of privilege, however, is still enforced in the case of reserved books, and for flagrant offenses.