Athletic Rules.

It is very difficult to obtain any copy of the athletic rules which were adopted by Harvard last year with regard to amateurs, bona fide students, and the time limit. As the various teams have begun training, these rules are now of special interest, though they are far from being understood by all. Accordingly a reprint of them is given below.

RULE I. AMATEURS.No one shall be allowed to represent Harvard University in any public contest, either individually or as a member of any team, who, either before or after entering the University, shall have engaged for money in any athletic competition, whether for a stake or money prize, or a share of the entrance fees or admission money; or who shall have taught or engaged in any athletic exercise or sport as a means of livelihood; or who shall at any time have received for taking part in any athletic sport or contest any pecuniary emolument or gain whatever, with the single exception that he may have received from the college organization, or from any permanent amateur organization of which he was at the time a member, the amount by which the expenses necessarily incurred by him in representing his organization in athletic contests exceeded his ordinary expenses.

RULE II. BONA FIDE STUDENTS.No one shall be allowed to represent Harvard University in any public contest, either individually or as a member of any team, unless he is, or intends to be throughout a college year, a bona fide member of the University, taking a full year's work.

A student who is dropped for neglect of his studies into a lower class shall be debarred from taking part in any intercollegiate contest until the end of the next academic year or until he is permitted by the faculty to rejoin his class.

No one hereafter entering the University who is not a regular student in the college or scientific school, and no regular students in either of these departments. who has ever played in any intercollegiate contest upon a class or university team of any other college, shall play upon a Harvard team until he has resided one academic year at the University and passed the annual examinations upon a full year's work.

RULE III. TIME LIMIT.No student, whenever he has represented one or more colleges, shall take part in the intercollegiate contests for more than four years; and this period shall begin with the year in which as a player upon a university team he first represented any college. In reckoning the four years, the year of probation mentioned in Rule 2 shall be excluded, and also any year lost to a student by illness.