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The announcement which we publish this morning of the Harvard Alumni Weekly will be welcomed by all graduates who desire to keep in closer touch with the University life than is now possible. The Harvard Graduates' Magazine fills a much needed place as a medium for the discussion of subjects of more or less general importance, and as the mouthpiece of alumni opinion on matters of general policy. But there is, we believe, a field which is not yet taken and this it is which the Weekly is intended to cover. The Weekly is designed: first, to be emphatically a newspaper for graduates who wish to keep well-informed as to the principal activities of the University life; secondly, to be the medium for the expression of graduate opinion on matters of immediate interest or importance; and thirdly, to print personal items of interest to graduates. Incidentally other ends will be accomplished, but those mentioned above will be kept chiefly in view. The closer relations which we hope will result between past and present members of the University will be sure to strengthen the loyalty of both and thus increase Harvard's influence throughout the country.