Yale College Discipline.

Dr. Burdett Hart, of the Yale Corporation, writes of the Yale college discipline: "The college discipline takes account of, and trusts, the honor and manliness of the students. Instructors and students meet on a common ground of confidence and of scholarly ambition. Athletics have their place. They encourage manliness, pluck, perseverance, honor, self-control. Defeat on the field is to be borne in as manly a way as victory. Yale is taught never to dishonor itself in defeat. It is always to assume victory. It puts high a generous heroism, a magnanimous appreciation of others.

"The President used to say that his spirit went with his students to every field of athletic struggle. It is the Yale spirit of courtesy and chivalry. Athletics are incidental. Scholarship and character are foremost. The University means study, acquirement, manhood, the Christian life. Its ideal is of noble personality, of consecrated character."