College Conference Abandoned.

The Student Committee entrusted with the duty of arranging for a College Conference had intended to hold one this week, on the lines laid down in the subjoined statement which was to have appeared in this morning's issue of the College papers. In view, however, of the false and misleading reports sent to and published by some of the Boston papers last Saturday morning, respecting the object of the conference and the intentions of the committee and a member of the Faculty, they have decided to abandon the project, and no conference will be held. They desire to state explicitly that the football question was not to be discussed and that no idea of a senate or anything approaching to or resembling it was even broached or thought of.

The following is the statement referred to above:

"The undersigned Student Committee, chosen for the purpose of arranging for a College Conference, so called, wish to explain what is meant by that phrase. The Conference is to be simply a talk between students, instructors and administrators on a subject interesting all alike, and this, on 'How Harvard Students are Governed,' is intended to show the men how the administration is carried on.

This first meeting is purely experimental and is proposed to be an informal discussion in which any member of the University may take part and to which all are cordially invited. Three gentlemen, not officially representing the Faculty, but being, from their position, well informed upon the topic in hand, have been asked to speak."