Lectures at the Arboretum.

Mr. J. G. Jack will conduct a series of lectures and field meetings at the Arnold Arboretum during May and June for the purpose of supplying popular instruction about trees and shrubs which grow in New England. They will be held on Saturday mornings at ten o'clock and on Wednesday afternoons at three o'clock, beginning on Saturday, May 4, and closing June 22. The class will assemble each day in the lecture room of the Bussey Institution, where a review will be given of certain groups of trees and shrubs. It will then adjourn to the plantations and the nurseries of the Arboretum for an informal outdoor study of the plants. It is not proposed that the instruction given in these meetings shall be technical, and a knowledge of descriptive botany is not essential for persons who wish to follow them. The intention is to indicate by comparison the easiest means of distinguishing the common native trees and shrubs as they appear in this part of the country, and of recognizing the foreign species which have been introduced into our gardens. The ornamental and useful properties of these trees and shrubs, their habits of growth and other peculiarities, may be considered; and the different species or groups will be studied as they blossom, whenever this course is practicable. An hour and a half to two hours will be devoted to each meeting. During the season the class will meet once or twice outside of the Arboretum at some favorable place for the study of trees. These meetings may take up a half day. The course is open to men and women.

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