'98 vs. C. H. and L.

The freshman nine will play the Cambridge High and Latin team this afternoon. The following is the batting order of the freshmen: McVey (Vincent), 3b; Haskell (Manning), s.s.; Hayes, 2b.; Walker (Hall) 1b.; Chandler, r.f.; Brown, c., Edmunds, c.f.; Goodridge, l.f.; Holt, p.

Harvard '97, 10; English High School, 10.The sophomore nine played a tie game with the English High School yesterday afternoon on Soldiers Field, the final score being 10 to 10. It had been agreed to play only seven innings and the English High captain was unwilling to play another inning to decide the match. The game was marked by loose fielding and poor batting. The English High nine went to pieces in the second and third innings, and the sophomores allowed them to score six runs in the fourth inning. The make-up of the sophomore nine was: Scott, c.; Burden, p.; Fox, 1b.; Prescott, 2b.; Gray, s.s.; Lord, 3b.; Abbott, l.f.; Garrison, c.f.; Beale, r.f.

The score by innings:

Innings, 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Harvard '97, 0 5 4 0 0 1 0-10

English High School, 1 0 0 6 2 0 1-10

Junior Baseball.The junior baseball squad was cut down yesterday to thirteen men. Special attention was paid to batting. The following men compose the squad: Griffin, Fuller, Hoppin, Selfridge, Whittemore, McCarthy, Paine, Murdock, Macurdy, Codman, Ames, Hamilton and Bowser.

The manager of the junior baseball nine has made arrangements for a game with Cambridge High and Latin for next Saturday, with Groton at Groton for Wednesday, May 4, and with Boston Latin School for May 15. A letter in regard to the Yale game has been received from the manager of the Yale '96 nine but nothing final has been agreed upon. Today the juniors will play a practice game with the sophomore nine at half past three on Soldiers Field.