The Yale-Princeton Debate.

Preparations have been completed by the Yale Union for the debate with Princeton which takes place at New Haven this evening. This is the second Yale-Princeton debate arranged, and a decision is to be rendered. Judge Henry Howland of New York city, has accepted the invitation to preside, and the judges are Rev. Dr. Lyman Abbott of New York, Lawrence Hutton, the author, and Professor Edward Cummings of Harvard. The question selected is: "Resolved, that, under the circumstances, the passage of the income tax law of 1894 was justifiable." Yale presented the question, giving Princeton the choice of sides. Princeton selected the affirmative. The Yale speakers are Harold E. Buttrick of Brooklyn, N. Y., Frank Rall, Des Moines, Ia., and Clarence E. Clough, Wilmot Flats, N. H. The Princeton speakers are W. F. Burns of Illinois, R. M. McElroy of Kentucky, and B. L. Hirshfield of Ohio. They will speak in the order named, and the first two named speakers on each side will be entitled to a rebuttal. The regular speeches will last twelve, the rebuttal five minutes.